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Season One of Love At the End of the World available now!

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Let's play - and press play - together.​

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We are building a community of writers, actors, characters, and listeners who want to make and hear remarkable stories about great people with a healthy salacious streak. We are so stoked to share this collaboration of quality stories and connect with folks who are fans of sensuality, laughter, and a little something for everyone. We believe in sex positivity, representation, and being true to one’s soul in this beautiful life.


We are currently fundraising to support the production of our next two seasons of NICE AND NAUGHTY.

What We Do


Love At the End of the World

A witty search for sex and romance in the age of Covid-19. Pears is a divorced 40-something living with her mother in Queens when the unsexiest pandemic ever hits the country and smatters her potential love life. If her mother wasn't enough to cock block her, this virus does a double cock block of trapping her in masks while dosing her in hand sanitizer. With her customary dry wit, and the support of her Queens Girl Gang, Pears endeavors to find a way-some way, ANY way-to get laid safely, sexily, and sanitarily, by men and women alike. An unlikely heroine in her mid- 40s with a voluptuous size 12 body and an equally voluptuous sense of humor, Pears takes us through her adventures in a fabulously diverse Queens that is, in its own inimitable way, as sexy as ever. My Covid Romance follows Pears through a SexIntheCity-esque romp through love and desire in the age of masks and social distancing. Pears is something of an Everywoman who gives the world what it currently needs most: humor, sex, heart, and a halfway decent climax.


Season One of Love At the End of the World available now!

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Cast: Vikas Adam, Allyson Johnson, Luis Moreno, Emily Woo Zeller, Gabra Zackman

Cover Art: Louie Cortorreal
SFX, Music and Mastering: Rohan Audio


Nice and Naughty: Season 1

Heart, Heat, and Humor rule - that’s our motto. LBO produces high quality short form audio romance and erotica.  Nice & Naughty, our first joint effort, takes us to Queens, NY.  With sweetness and snark, these relationships of all stripes will draw you in and turn up the heat. Delightful recipes strewn throughout tie the stories together with a healthy portion of double entendre. 

Are you in the mood for "nice"? Or, are you in the mood for "naughty"? How about a little dollop of both? These sweet, fun, and sexy stories follow five sisters and their chosen brother as they navigate romance, passion, and baking in and out of the hallowed walls of their Nana's old house in the borough of Queens, New York. Both in Queens and back home in the North Fork, these diverse siblings walk in a sex-positive world, surrounded by love in all its many forms.

The first season of NICE & NAUGHTY is available anywhere you get audiobooks. ​​

Audible - Kobo - GooglePlay - Scribd - Chirp - Kindle

Nice and Naughty: Season 2

In Season 2, we pick up where Season 1 left off: we follow Sweet home to the North Fork where she finds herself stranded between romances, her own as well as Nana's. Through Nana's newly discovered letters, will Sweet find the path to her own affair of the heart? Will all the sisters find the passion they seek? Will Shorty let a man into his wine cellar and into his life? And, will they all bake their souls into something sexy and divine?

There's a little something for everyone here, in the romances, in the sex scenes, and in the baked goods too. If you listen closely, you might find erotic recipes strewn throughout Nana's letters. You'll also find an appetizer of humor, a soupcon of sex, and a hearty helping of heart.

Season Two of NICE & NAUGHTY available now!

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NN Season 2 Cover Art with Names.jpg

Coming soon...


Stay tuned for Season 3, Shorty's Season, co-written with Ronnie Butler. Will Shorty find the man of his dreams? And will it be by baking or by his wine cellar? Tune in to find out!


Illustrations by Luis Cortorreal, Post Production by Ronn Lipkin, Original Music by Sam Bradley



Emily Woo Zeller

Emily Woo Zeller

I have had the great privilege to perform on stages around the world and off Broadway, acting, dancing, and singing. I’ve been named a Golden Voice and a Best Voice for multiple years by Audiofile Magazine, I’ve won an Audie, Best Female Narrator from the Independent Audiobook Awards; multiple SOVAS awards, and almost two dozen Earphones Awards. I recently played Panam in the video game Cyberpunk 2077 and was in The Last of Us Part 2. I’ve dubbed for dozens of anime series, including Pokemon, and recently appeared as Doctor Aphra in the Star Wars audio drama, and as the narrator in PASSABLE IN PINK. 

Gabra Zackman

Gabra Zackman

I am an award winning audiobook narrator, coach, teacher, director, writer, producer and actress. I have been seen off Broadway and on stages all around the country, a bit in TV and film, and make my living in audio. I’m mod on the outside, Shakespeare on the inside (and sexy burlesque pin up in my mind’s eye). I’m the author of The Bod Squad Series (Simon and Schuster's Pocket Books 2016) and Nice and Naughty (Love Bytes Originals 2021). I live in Queens, NY (the sexiest borough!), and love to write hot, fun, madcap stories with a New York landscape. I call myself a multi-disciplinary storyteller, and have created a beautiful tapestry of a career. If my stories have inspired you with a dollop of snark and a pinch of sauce, or simply turned you on, then I have done what I was meant to do on this earth.

gabra zackman

When we first started working together, we knew instantly that it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We are so stoked to share Love Bytes Originals with the world and connect with folks who are fans of quality stories filled with steaminess, laughter, and a little something for everyone. We love stories that transport us, worlds of wonder, pinups, classic films, biking, hiking, beaches, and skinny dipping.

Thanks for joining us on this extraordinary journey!

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